Over its 4 first years, Impraise’s mobile applications have grown with various updates, refactoring and feature changes. While being a young startup allowed us to “move fast and break things”, we grew to a stage where we had to invest more on testing, stability and future proof implementations. We evaluated the pros and cons of various architectures & frameworks, for both our Android and iOS applications.

Our goal was to find an Architecture: – Easily testable and maintainable – Easily adaptable to Android and iOS – Adoptable without massive refactoring needed – With an unidirectional flow of events

We adopted Clean Swift as a base for our iOS architecture, and adapted it to Android. In this talk, I share with Guilherme, our lead mobile developer, the similarities and differences of our implementations, as well as their advantages and drawbacks.

The video is hosted on Vimeo by Appdevcon .

Arnaud Camus

Engineering Leader • Entrepreneur • Co-founder of Impraise (YC S14)