A Tale of Two Platforms: Keeping Android & iOS in Sync

Over its 4 first years, Impraise’s mobile applications have grown with various updates, refactoring and feature changes. While being a young startup allowed us to “move fast and break things”, we grew to a stage where we had to invest more on testing, stability and future proof implementations. We evaluated the pros and cons of various architectures & frameworks, for both our Android and iOS applications.

Building mobile sign up flows @ Droidcon Berlin

Last week I went to Berlin to attempt to #DroidconDe where I gave my first public talk. It was a great experience, slightly stressful but I got some good feedback afterward. And eh, I love to receive feedback.

Combining Glide and Stetho to easily debug your image loading system

Downloading, managing and displaying efficiently images on Android can be a difficult task. Luckily, libraries like Glide or Picasso made it really handy for any developer. While they both are really easy to implement and integrate perfectly within the Activity and Fragment lifecyle; Glide proposes also a killing feature: letting the developer choose his network stack.

Material design, extended Toolbar and scrolling

OBSELETE: With the Design Support Library announced during IO15 comes the CollapsingToolbarLayout which is much more powerful, elegant and easier to use. Use it!

Open Sourcing the Droidcon Netherlands app

Droidcon is a global developer conference series which takes place every year in a dozen of different cities around the world. The quality of the talks is really impressive, every time I go to one of these events I learn a lot on various technical and design points.

3 ways Gradle can help in your daily work

This post is the first one of a small series of tips to optimize your development environment. And to start from the beginning, why not talking about our dear friend Gradle?